Celebrating Earth Day in California

This weekend we celebrated Earth Day (which we truly believe should be every day!) spending time at the amazing Elderwood Ranch in Los Olivos Santa Ynez Valley. A spectacular place with several  luxury cottages each unique with a low key vibe. From the Vegetable and Herb Gardens to the beautifully designed cottages that cater to all your needs.Take a peek at this place next time your in the Santa Ynez region. https://www.elderwoodranch.com/ Wine tasting at all of the vineyards with fantastic restaurants and cafes such as Bobs Well Bread and the Los Olivos Cafe. The Horse Whisperer, Monty Williams is also up this way in Solvang, he teaches people how to enhance their communication skills and works helping rehabilitate veterans with Horse (Equine therapy). This is always a must visit for me, I grew up riding and around horses so its always a treat to see what they're up to at Flags Up Farms. Lets all do our part to help nurture this planet as it does add up. Have an amazing week! Lucy xo