Pink Frangipani Perfume & Roll-on Oil

Pink Frangipani is our signature scent, designed in Sydney, Australia, I was inspired to re- create this amazing scent as we had a huge Frangipani Tree in our garden (also known as Plumeria Flower). When in bloom the fragrance was magical. In Indonesia and throughout the Oceania region its known as a mystical healing flower. We created this fragrance infusing our signature uplifting Flower Essences, Lucy B's being the first fragrance and beauty brand to blend these vibrational essences grown in Australia. The Aboriginal People of Australia have used these flowers for thousands of years for healing emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances.

Pink Frangipani roll-on perfume is our beautiful tropical beach scent which is perfect for fitting inside your make-up bag, pocket or handbag. Infused with naturally uplifting flower essences. This smooth, slightly sweet, floral & fruit fragrance is composed with top notes of pink grapefruit and pineapple a heart of red suva frangipani in a base of heliotrope and coconut milk. 

Its a scent you wont forget. You can try all 8 samples for $8.00  or as a roll-on oil and as an eau de parfum, body cream and beach waves frangipani hair & body mist. We also add to our Lucy B's shimmer oils.

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